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So you wanna know a little about me? Mmmmkay... Here it goes, my name is Denise McCabe and I’m just your typical mother and housewife. Besides the fact that I shoot people for a living and... Well, I think it’s fun!!  

I’m a city girl who has found her way to a small town and is loving the country life. I am lucky enough to have five crazy kids and one delicious hubby aka “Big Daddy”  You can pretty much always find me with a camera in my hands. I am the eye behind the viewfinder and hopefully your soon to be photographer. I have been a photo junkie for coming up on 11 years now. My love affair with the ART of photography began with the birth of my son and has been going strong ever since. Much of my time is spent chasing my kids around to capture life’s simple moments, and in my spare time I’d like to capture yours. I truely love what I do and because of that I put no time restraints on my sessions, we shoot till we’re satisfied. I will go the extra mile to capture that perfect shot, even if it means climbing on cars, dancing in public, crawling through weeds, or laying in the mud.     (which I have done all of these things) I do it so you can see you in that moment and revisit that moment any time you want.

My favorite saying is “beyond images... the art of documenting life” This quote exemplifies what photography is to me. I enjoy capturing life as it happens smiles, no smiles, messy, happy, tearful, loud, and colorful. I like to keep things simple, relaxed, and laid back, so that your photographs have a more natural look, and well, so they LOOK like YOU. Let’s face it, none of us are perfect, why should we have to look it in our photo’s? The most loved and perfect pictures are and will always be the ones that you can see yourself in, so let your son wear his crazy frog boot, let your daughter pick her own outfit, and if Dad doesn’t want to smile - ah, so what! Photography at BEST captures REAL life moments, raw, unplanned , and unposed. I want to capture those moments for you. Whether it’s a newborns yawn, a childs laughter, a mothers love, or grandpas first fishing lesson. EVEN better lets catch the secret nose picker, a stolen kiss, or behind the scenes silly face making. Either way, these are the moments we want to pass down and keep with us. These are the moments that put a smile on our face and give us a story to share at family gatherings. I love the feeling when a photo triggers past memories and emotions. The most fullfilling part of my job is being able to capture and share those moments with you and your family. I want you to say “WOW” everytime you see those images in your home. 
                                                      YOUR LIFE IS ART.


THank you for taking a pit stop into my little world! Check out my work, if my style matches yours.. I say we should get together!  If you have any questions or if you wanna spend a FUN day unscripted with me and my camera, give me a call or shoot over a email! I’d love to hear from you :)